Here’s to the Night Owls

Glancing at my computer’s clock, it is now 12:44 AM on Wednesday morning.  While most of the students in my dormitory are asleep in preparation of their day in a few short hours, I’m awake, and feel alive as ever.  Isn’t it curious how the silence and tranquility of the night, rather than providing an ambiance for a peaceful rest, instead offers me an opportunity of deep reflection?  As a self-proclaimed night owl and introvert, the silence and bliss of the night is a perfect atmosphere for a productive mind.

St. Louis Art Museum at night

The night offers me the opportunity to reflect on my day, and plan for the next.  But what’s more, I also find myself pondering the life ahead of me, and what may transpire in my future endeavors.  For me, the late hours of the evening often accommodate my most productive, creative, and intellectual moments.

Unfortunately for us night owls, however, the vast majority of our society operates during daylight hours.  As some young students like myself can empathize with, our twilight habits can be detrimental to one’s sleep schedule, as well as their morning routine.  Early-morning lectures can be difficult to endure, and are strongly avoided by us when enrolling in classes.

I believe productivity and creativity are widely diverse and individual traits, and rather than adjusting one’s behavior around the rigid patterns of society, perhaps our society could adapt to more fluid environments.  Schools and workplaces, therefore, shouldn’t necessarily be limited by the norm of nine-to-five schedules; perhaps a more cohesive society can be achieved through some time and performance-based adjustments.

So here’s to the night owls.  While we certainly may be in the minority, we are not alone.  I wish you a lifetime of pleasant evenings.  But since I have class in a few hours, I suppose I must try and get some rest.  Good night!  Or should I say… good morning!  -BL

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