Holding Back, Waiting for the Right Moment

I’ve come to learn that life is quite valuable.  The unfortunate truth is that all of us have a ticking clock running out of time.  When will ours end?  Should we be fearful of this morbid ending to the reality we call life?  Or perhaps we should be asking an alternate question: How will we spend our days while we still have them?  The most cherished moments of our lives are experienced when we embrace them.  It’s when we stand in the face of fear, and experience the thrill of trying something new.  I encourage you to treasure those moments, and make them valuable.  Take control.  Move forward.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come…

Create it.

For some time now, I have gathered a collection of big-picture ideas, aspirations, and “to do” lists for my life.  Writing these ideas down give me a sense of accountability and hope that possibly one day I will make my dreams become reality.  To date, however, many of these ideas have yet to transpire.  At least not yet, that is.  I’ve told myself to wait for the right moment, or hold out until I have the time to devote to my ideas.  This vicious cycle of insisting on an ideal scenario has since hindered my ability to conquer my goals.

Not anymore.  I refuse to let my desire for perfection stand in the face of my dreams.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Let’s get to work.


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