Holding Back, Waiting for the Right Moment

I’ve come to learn that life is quite valuable.  The unfortunate truth is that all of us have a ticking clock running out of time.  When will ours end?  Should we be fearful of this morbid ending to the reality we call life?  Or perhaps we should be asking an alternate question: How will we spend our days while we still have them?  The most cherished moments of our lives are experienced when we embrace them.  It’s when we stand in the face of fear, and experience the thrill of trying something new.  I encourage you to treasure those moments, and make them valuable.  Take control.  Move forward.  Don’t wait for the perfect moment to come…

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Here’s to the Night Owls

Here’s to the Night Owls

Glancing at my computer’s clock, it is now 12:44 AM on Wednesday morning.  While most of the students in my dormitory are asleep in preparation of their day in a few short hours, I’m awake, and feel alive as ever.  Isn’t it curious how the silence and tranquility of the night, rather than providing an ambiance for a peaceful rest, instead offers me an opportunity of deep reflection?  As a self-proclaimed night owl and introvert, the silence and bliss of the night is a perfect atmosphere for a productive mind. Continue reading “Here’s to the Night Owls”

Cell Phones at Camp: Not Very One-Sided Anymore

If you’ve been involved with any organization that takes frequent camping trips – whether it be the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or even an after school program – you’ve probably heard some rendition of this from the group leader:

Cell phones and other electronics are not to be brought to camp, as they distract us from the outdoor experience.  Please leave them at home.

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9/11 Flag Memorial on Art Hill

Around mid to late August, the media started buzzing about the upcoming 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States.  Special interviews, documentaries, and replays of the tragic events filled our televisions – a reminder of what happened a mere ten years ago.  It’s unreal to see how much our world changed since that day.

Across the country, people remembered the victims of 9/11 in a variety of ways: prayer services, candlelight vigils, and simply being with one’s family.  One memorial that I hadn’t heard about, however, was the flag memorial on Art Hill in Forest Park. Continue reading “9/11 Flag Memorial on Art Hill”